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I’m a Business Coach, Trainer, Facilitator and Mentor specialising in helping you and your teams with your self presentation and communication skills. I do this by removing the blocks that stop you communicating at your very best. Sometimes these are physical, to do with your breathing, your voice and your body language. Other times it’s psychological and I work with mindfulness and visualisation techniques to allow you to experience being fully present with your audience and message instead of letting your self undermine your leadership presence.

I help transform presentations from something you or your team members dislike or avoid into something you enjoy.

I have worked in broadcast media for over 30 years, mainly in the BBC, as a presenter in local radio and regional TV, as well as a producer, journalist and manager. I then moved into a senior editorial role in the national BBC Big Screens project. For my last 4 years in the BBC I also worked as an internal Executive Coach, working with a range of leaders.

Since leaving the BBC in 2013 I have built up a practice working with small businesses, corporations and individuals.   As well as my own business, I work part time at the University of Gloucestershire, managing their business mentoring network and supporting some mentoring/coaching academic and enterprise collaborations.


I work with already successful and confident professional people, who understand they need to take their communication skills to the next level to get their message heard with maximum impact. I help them find their authentic voice.


I also offer team coaching around:
- Creative facilitation to think past old ideas, explore innovative ways of thinking, and consider changes in how or what your teams deliver and how they function.
- Developing presence and the courage to contribute, listen and work in a team.


"Geraldine is professional, friendly, non-judgemental and has a wide range of techniques she uses to drill down to the core of who you are, what motivates you and how to align your personal values and skills with the work you are doing. She sees the bigger picture and it was life-enhancing to realise after just a few sessions that it is not necessarily about fitting into a corporate box or improving 'office skills', it is also about nurturing the parts of yourself that inspire you and others to be the best you can."

- Claire Urquhart, Head of Features Development

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Geraldine McCullagh
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