"Geraldine is professional, friendly, non-judgemental and has a wide range of techniques she uses to drill down to the core of who you are, what motivates you and how to align your personal values and skills with the work you are doing. She sees the bigger picture and it was life-enhancing to realise after just a few sessions that it is not necessarily about fitting into a corporate box or improving 'office skills', it is also about nurturing the parts of yourself that inspire you and others to be the best you can."

- Claire Urquhart, Head of Features Development


"Geraldine is an excellent communicator, as you might expect from her background, but is also a consummate listener, always looking for the root of any issues I talked through, rather than just trying to treat the symptoms. I value the sessions we had, and know they will be to the long-term benefit of my Charity. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a Coach."

- Charles Dodwell, CEO of Fredericks Foundation


"Geraldine was a wonderful coach. She let me find my own answers to my problems and questions. I trusted her completely and felt safe in the coaching environment she created.

"Coaching has made me more aware of how people view me as a manager. It also helped me to adapt my style of management to meet the needs of my team and the expectations of my manager."

- Kimberley Dutfield, Broadcast Journalist


"Coaching has enabled me to step outside of my day to day role and consider the broader picture – an almost unheard of luxury. During challenging times it has enabled me to equip myself with a range of tools and strategies to shore up my resilience, as well as confirming the aspects of my behaviours which I shouldn’t change.

"As a result of Geraldine’s approach I felt very rapidly able to establish a relationship based on trust, allowing us to make the most effective use of our sessions. Geraldine’s warmth and professionalism are a solid foundation for contracting successful coaching relationships with clients."

- Troy, Head of Content Release


"It has given me confidence in giving feedback which means I am able to give more effective feedback to other team members. It also helped me clarify my thoughts and plan ahead for a long term project, which meant I felt more confident and better able to cope with the new skills needed to effectively deliver on this.

"I thought Geraldine was very good at asking the right questions and helping me think through and vocalise ideas and thoughts that I didn’t know I had! She was a good listener and helped me think about listening techniques I myself might use in future."

- Tory Maurice, Breakfast Show Producer

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